The new release includes industry leading capabilities.

  • Introducing Examine: Provide the MRT with mobile, tablet or desktop access to their RIS workflow.
  • Introducing Aura APIs: Enabling customers to build their own clinical results applications such as referrer or patient portals to gain a competitive edge.
  • Verify PACS integration: View PACS images from Verify with InteleConnect EV viewer integration.

As part of our continuous effort to optimise patient flow for efficiency and effectiveness, Comrad is announcing the most feature rich release to date of our innovative new generation RIS portfolio, Aura v1.4. This new release introduces our newest application, Examine, and our first commercial release of the Aura Clinical API.

With Aura Examine, MRTs are no longer tied to using the RIS application from just a shared desktop workstation, they now have the freedom to access their RIS workflow on mobile, tablet or desktop; helping them to improve their efficiency and enhance patient care.

Developed using modern responsive design templates, Aura Examine offers improved workflow practices to help the MRTs to increase their efficiency with a clean, uncluttered and consistent user interface that scales elegantly between desktop, tablet and mobile views. This first release of Examine provides the core capabilities of MRT RIS workflow, allowing an MRT to progress patient visits, exams and orders, from a configurable work list, through imaging workflow, exam coding, post processing and into Radiologist dictation.

The Aura v1.4 release also includes the first commercial release of the Aura Clinical API (Application Programming Interface). The Aura Clinical API will lay the foundation to allow our customers to put their data to use and inspire them to create new business applications and improve existing products, systems and operations.

A recent pilot of Aura v1.4 has been completed at one of our key partners, Bendigo Radiology, and here is what they told us: “Our Technologists have had great input and good usage time with Examine during the pilot,” said Maize Meade, Team Leader – Reception at Bendigo Radiology. “The team commented that Examine provides an innovative approach to a new, improved workflow. The modernized and user friendly interface offers a new vision for medical imaging technologists.”

Elizabeth Delahunty, CEO of Comrad Medical Systems expressed gratitude to Comrad’s customers for their continued support to the company’s modernisation strategy and the incremental rollout of the Aura portfolio. “This is yet another important milestone for our customers and for us at Comrad, after the recent launch of Verify, Consult and Transcribe,” added Delahunty. “As the trusted technology partner, Comrad is constantly working with our customers to deliver exceptional value with every Aura application we develop to help them achieve outstanding patient outcomes.”

Below are some of the key benefits of using Aura Examine:

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