New features and further enhancements to existing Aura modules

Comrad is pleased to announce the release of Aura v1.5. The new release is built to enhance your organisation’s workflow efficiency and to introduce a new integration to LDAP authentication. In addition, this release adds numerous feature enhancements to Transcribe as well as minor improvements and fixes to Examine, Verify and Consult.

Remembering too many passwords is quite difficult. A recent report from leading password management firm, LastPass, shows that the average business employee must keep track of 191 passwords posing a higher security risk to businesses. The risk becomes even higher when sensitive patient data is at stake. At Comrad, we take our customers’ security requirements seriously and developed the LDAP authentication integration with our Aura RIS portfolio to help them reduce password overload.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) user authentication is the process of validating a username and password combination with a directory server, such as Microsoft Active Directory. COMRAD RIS users may have different passwords to access Windows desktop, VPN, PACS, Email, Intranet and other internal business applications. Using Active Directory credentials instead of the COMRAD credentials means one less password to remember. LDAP integration works across both Comrad 2 and Aura in coexistence.

Aura v1.5 also brings many new features that are designed to improve the typists’ workflow. Here are some of the key features that have been included in Transcribe for the Aura v1.5 release:

  • Transcribe updated with ability to integrate to desktop scanners.

  • Updated user interface in line with recently released applications.

  • Transcribe users now have access to enhanced document viewer features as in Examine.

  • Transcribe users can now view patient history through the History Carousel.

“This is yet another important milestone in our efforts to deliver value to our customers,” said Stuart Sharpe, Aura Product Manager at Comrad Medical Systems. “We have taken valuable customer feedback over the years, especially for LDAP integration. This latest release will be a good stepping stone into richer future releases in Aura that will bring new apps and yet more features to help our customers increase their efficiency and deliver outstanding patient outcomes.”

To learn more about how to get LDAP integration and to get a quote, please talk to your Comrad Solution Sales Manager, or email us by clicking the button below.

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