Aura Consult empowers your practice to achieve faster diagnoses and enhanced care by providing your referrers with easy access to their patients’ information through secure login from a variety of web browser enabled devices.

Aura Consult allows referrers to view and monitor their patient status in real-time through the patient dashboard. In addition to providing access to referrers’ visits, appointments and reports.

Improved patient care, better service for referrers 

Aura Consult empowers your practice to deliver faster diagnoses reports to your referrers. With 24/7 access to the portal, referrers can stay informed about their patient’s information, including current and previous reports, scanned documents, upcoming appointments and referrals; enabling them to deliver enhanced patient care. The referrer’s access to Dictation files and preliminary reports is configurable by the system administrator.

Secure and Audited Access

Aura Consult offers strict access policies based on user privileges to protect your patients’ privacy. Various levels of audited restrictions to patient data access can be configured per user to match individual user or group needs, with or without the optional “Break Glass” functionality.

Platform-agnostic solution

Aura Consult is a zero footprint, intuitive and responsive web based solution that can be accessed via desktop or smart phone web browsers. It has been developed using modern design principles that offer a clean, uncluttered and consistent view throughout the application.

SmartSearch: Precision and speed

Aura Consult provides superior patient search functionality for end users using our SmartSearch engine. Referrers can perform a search on different patient criteria and receive faster and more accurate results within seconds.