Comrad eReferrals

Comrad and MedTech (New Zealand) have collaborated to create an end-to-end electronic referrals process. MedTech users can send an electronic referral directly to a Comrad-based radiology practice and bypass the requirement of a third party message delivering service.

The referring doctor benefits from “form-based” guidance, in which patient details populate the referral form automatically. The radiology practice benefits by receiving accurate referral data that is automatically created within the Comrad RIS system.

This enables the practice to contact the patient immediately and “capture” the appointment, resulting in expedited service for your patients. Results from a patient visit are sent directly from Comrad back to the referring doctor and made available within their MedTech inbox. Comrad eReferrals with MedTech can provide patients with a better all-around experience and referrers with a new level of service, faster turnaround, rich-content reports and reduced cost.