The COMRAD Radiology Information System (RIS) is comprehensive workflow software that will bring your radiology business together. From the referral process, to the payment and the final patient treatment, COMRAD will provide your business with the proven workflows and efficiencies to help you deliver the best clinical and business outcomes.

COMRAD will fully integrate your business and that of your referrers together, into an efficient delivery and information platform. COMRAD’s built-in workflows have been fine-tuned over many years of working with some of the smartest radiology practitioners in the business. COMRAD provides you with “best practice” workflow, but also the ability to customise COMRAD to suit the needs of your particular business.

COMRAD is a multi-user, multi-site, multi-company RIS with a flexible software licensing model allowing concurrent access to all licences, reducing the cost of ownership. COMRAD is scalability is exemplified by its current clients, operating in small, medium and very large practices and hospitals. From the “one man band” to literally hundreds of clinics integrated together as one system operating across multiple countries, COMRAD will bring your radiology business together.

COMRAD has a built-in “Integration Engine” that allows easy integration to almost any other clinical or business system. From DICOM, HL7, XML to proprietary, COMRAD can make those important electronic connections that will keep the flow of information moving.

COMRAD will also integrate your PACS, imaging modalities and PowerScribe Speech Recognition system into the workflow.

COMRAD is committed to providing integration to electronic funding systems as they become available. Electronic claim and payment systems to Medicare, ACC, Health Providers and Health Insurers are supported in their respective markets.

COMRAD has extensive user security and access rights, with auditing of access and data modification plus built-in quality control systems.

COMRAD is for the radiology practice, and the COMRAD Secure Web Portal (e.g. “webCOMRAD”) is a portal for your referrers, specialists and other treatment providers into your COMRAD RIS, allowing them easy access to their patients’ information and images. The referrer portal can be branded and customised to be an extension of your business, helping you forge important links to your referral base and enhance the relationship between your referrers and your practice.

The COMRAD RIS provides specialised workflow and features in the following areas:

  • Electronic Referrals
  • Appointments
  • Patient Arrivals
  • DICOM Modality Worklists
  • Radiographer’s Worklist
  • Speech Recognition
  • Digital Dictation
  • Typist Editor
  • Administration
  • Electronic Result Distribution
  • Billing
  • Medicare Electronic Claiming and Payments
  • Debtor Management
  • Business Intelligence – Financials and Statistics
  • PACS Interfaces
  • HL7 Interfaces
  • Patient Management and Clinical System Interfaces
  • Referrer Web Portal.