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Welcome to Comrad Professional Services

Comrad offers a wide range of professional services to help you manage your business efficiently, including implementation and project management, workflow optimisation, professional support and Training.

Our  highly skilled project managers will help you implement and integrate new Comrad RIS solutions and modules.

Our professional support team across Australia and New Zealand will provide you with the support you need to keep your practice running smoothly.

Our experience within the radiology and wider healthcare sectors offers valuable insights about best practice workflows to help you optimise your practice.

Our team has the knowledge and experience within the local radiology sectors to deliver high-quality training packages tailored to your needs.

Implementation & Projects

Our project managers work closely with our clients and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth and timely deployment with effective planning and implementation. We have developed a range of project artefacts to communicate with external and internal resources and use planning software such as Microsoft Project and Jira Kanban to optimise delivery.

All projects are delivered using the following phased approach:


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“At PRC, one of our primary goals is to be highly responsive and to provide our patients and referrers with the highest standard of diagnostic medical imaging. Thanks to its fresh, user friendly and web-based interface, Aura Verify empowers our team of 70+ radiologists to view, edit and authorise diagnostic imaging reports on the go, anywhere and anytime. This helps us to achieve faster report verification, enhance our efficiency and achieve superior patient care”.

Jeremy Edwards, CIO , Perth Radiological Clinic

“Our Technologists have had great input and good usage time with Examine during the pilot. The team commented that Examine provides an innovative approach to a new, improved workflow. The modernized and user friendly interface offers a new vision for medical imaging technologists.”

Maize Meade, Team Leader – Reception , Bendigo Radiology.

Ongoing Support

Comrad is committed to providing prompt, high-quality service and support for our clients.

With professional support across Australia and New Zealand, you can rest assured you’ll receive the support you need to gain the most from your solution and keep your practice running smoothly.

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Service Desk & Support

Our Service Desk offers 24/7 support for all customers across Australia and New Zealand to help you gain the most from your Comrad solutions.




Service Desk Portal

All customers have access to our Comrad Service Desk Portal to enable secure and efficient communication with our valued customers.




Industry Knowledge

Our support team have significant radiology, technology and financial experience across Australia and New Zealand.


Comrad Service Desk and Support

All our valued customers have access to the Comrad Service Desk Portal which offers them a holistic organisation view of all support communication between their business and Comrad in one place.

The Comrad Service Desk offers 24/7 support for all customers across Australia and New Zealand. Our support team use their wide range of skills and experience to ensure you gain the most from your chosen Comrad solutions to keep your practice running smoothly and enhance patient and referrer experiences.

Comrad Service Desk and Support

All our valuable customers have access to the Comrad Service Desk Portal that offers them a holistic organisation view of all support communications between their organisation and Comrad.

Workflow Optimisation

Valuable insights for best-practice workflows.

With decades of collective experience within the radiology, technology and wider healthcare sectors, our workflow experts can help you simplify, streamline and automate your workflows – improving productivity, reducing turnaround times, assisting with revenue assurance and reducing errors. Ensure you are using your Comrad RIS to its full capacity and your patients are enjoying the best possible experience.


Enhanced Delivery of Care

Increased Practice Effectiveness


Minimise Errors & Double Handling


Improved Revenue Protection


Professional Training

Our Approach to Training

Comrad works with you to understand your practice, your requirements and your objectives and can create a training plan to help you maximise the value of your Comrad products. From individualised training to group workshops, from streamlining your patient arrival workflows through to restructuring or simplifying your billing, or planning for disaster recovery, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Ask About Our Training Programs

Our Professional Training Portfolio

Staff Induction Training

Help onboard your new staff by providing them with a role-focused RIS training programme.


Comrad RIS Training

Ensure your team are working to their maximum potential to serve your patients with Comrad RIS suite of training modules.


Application Training

Let your clinicians leverage the benefits of Voice Recognition with help from our Nuance PowerScribe certified team.

IT Support Training

Ensure your RIS support team are up-to-date, and successfully managing and administering your RIS environment.