Comrad Business Intelligence

Giving you the power to make informed decisions for your radiology practice.

Comrad Business Intelligence is a comprehensive software tool which enables you to gain powerful insights into how your business is operating with Comrad RIS. This BI tool comes complete with a powerful selection of pre-built reports and dashboards covering areas from referral patterns, operations, and financial data. Take the supplied reports and dashboards and change to your requirements or build your own new reports in minutes using “drag and drop” technology.

Unlock knowledge using powerful trending visualizations. Monitor your business in near real-time using data capture as it is happening. Build dashboards that allow you to monitor multiple KPIs simultaneously or Analysis Reports that allow you to “slice and dice” data in almost any way you need and then graph it in a meaningful way.

Business insights that drive outcomes.

  • Assess referrer, operations and financial data instantly, automatically and on-the-go
  • Customise or build reports in seconds using easy “drag and drop” technology
  • Visualise trends in historical data with intelligent, automated dashboards
  • Track multiple performance indicators simultaneously
  • Share insights with colleagues automatically at your preferred times
  • Tailor your practice to drive performance.