Comrad Report Accelerator

Comrad’s Report Accelerator  RA – introduces efficiency, consistency and precision to the radiology workflow.

Comrad Report Accelerator (RA) is a comprehensive reporting software that allows you to streamline your practice with faster reporting. Comrad RA enables reduced reporting time and transcription errors through the automated transfer of the DICOM structured report data (such as measurements taken during the examination) from the image study (i.e. ultrasound or other) to Comrad RA’s customisable worksheets mean that reporting is easier, faster and tailored to your practice.

With COM.RA, the sonographer or radiographer prepares the first draft of a report by selecting from pre-set lists and by completing free-text fields. Diagrams can be selected with mark-ups added, and Growth Charts are also generated for studies such as obstetric ultrasounds. This Preliminary Report is sent to the radiologist, who then creates the Final Report using either Comrad Digital Dictation or Speech Recognition workflow.