The radiology referral triage process for managing patient referrals has traditionally been a paper based process. This manual process requires effort by administrators, MRT’s and Clinicians to prioritise examinations according to their own urgency levels and protocol workflows. This process has been found to be both time consuming and inefficient, with the added risk of the paper referral being mislaid within the process.

Comrad has worked closely with our clients to identify this risk and has developed an electronic solution to increase the efficiency of the referral triage process.

COMRAD Referral Triage workflow is an efficient workflow tool that eliminates paper based referral processing and allows effective utilisation of existing resources, to better manage referrals in order to reduce patient waiting times. Referral Triage is an optional workflow that supports referral review, prioritisation (grading) and protocolling workflows.

“Comrad’s paperless Referral Triage module has dramatically improved triage times in my department by reducing delays at multiple points in the triage process,” said Dr. Mike Hurrell, Consultant Radiologist at the Canterbury District Health Board. “No more folders sitting on a vacant desk! With everybody having access to the triage worklist, we can all share the workload, even within our subspecialties.”

COMRAD Referral Triage is a proven product which provides numerous efficiencies and lowers clinical risk within your organisation. It provides a timely, team focussed, electronic referral triage process, which offers radiologists and technical staff the tools to manage triage of referrals as part of their daily workload.

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