Appointment no-shows, when a patient does not attend an appointment, can be very frustrating and can cost your business both money and precious time. We have partnered with a leading SMS solution provider in Australia and New Zealand to provide you with an integrated messaging solution, right from the COMRAD RIS. Now, you can reduce appointment “did not attend” occurrences using the latest SMS message technology to communicate with your patients, send automated and instant appointment reminders, send ‘ad hoc’ manual text messages to any patient when needed, in addition to sending automated ‘report alerts’ to referrers.

With the easy-to-use customer portal, you can view real-time data on your SMS traffic. The ability to view the status of sent and failed SMS’s ensures that you can keep track of patient replies, unsent messages and cancellations.


SMS Confirm is the latest feature added to our COMRAD SMS solution. With SMS Confirm you can send patients a simple text message directly to their mobile phone containing their appointment date and time. SMS Confirm integrates with the COMRAD RIS to update appointments when a patient replies with a “Y” or “Yes”. Confirmed appointments will be visually shown in the calendar resulting in less phone calls chasing up unconfirmed appointments.

Why SMS Confirm

SMS is more cost effective than regular mail and less intrusive than phone calls. According to a recent mobile marketing survey that was done by Oracle, SMS has an extremely high opening and response rate compared to email and regular mail.

To learn more about how our integrated COMRAD SMS messaging solution can help you increase efficiency in your practice, please talk to your Solution Sales Manager, of feel free to contact us here.