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Healthcare is simply about the doctor-patient interaction. As the adoption of electronic healthcare records (EHR) increases, the administrative burden for the doctor associated with the capture, understanding, and sharing of the data can get in the way of maintaining the doctor-patient relationship, and capture of the whole patient story.

Dragon® Medical Direct helps clinicians document the patient narrative at the point of care quickly, conveniently and easily with voice increasing the efficiency of doctors and streamlining the navigation of the EHR.

Dragon® Medical Direct

Clinical speech documentation

Lightweight versatility, heavyweight performance

Dragon® Medical Direct is a secure speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to document the complete patient story using voice while allowing healthcare organisations to easily deploy medical speech recognition across the enterprise — all while saving time for IT staff and boosting productivity and efficiency for clinicians.

The Dragon® Medical Direct platform includes industry-leading speech recognition software for your network so clinical staff can be productive anywhere in your clinic, hospital or DHB.

Clinicians produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content providing doctors with time saving of up to 30 minutes per day. Create clinical documentation once-and-done, eliminating delayed reviewing and slow disbursement. Delivering better healthcare outcomes with faster more detailed actionable clinical notes.

How can Dragon® Medical Direct Help

Huge strides have been made in the quality, accuracy, performance, affordability and “time-to-value” of speech technology solutions, and their use in healthcare is on a dramatic upswing. Why does speech-enabled clinical documentation make sense in healthcare environments? Here are four important reasons:

Fast and accurate

Improved Patient Care

  • Utilise speech recognition technology to get a complete and more accurate patient narrative.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on documentation to achieve faster and clinically actionable documentation.
  • Free up more time to enable doctors to continue practicing the art of medicine.
Easy to install

Higher Clinical Satisfaction

  • Once and done reporting, no need to review documentation later.
  • Achieve higher EHR adoption with easier way to navigate and use EHR.
  • Saving doctors up to 30 minutes per day.
  • Have better and faster communication with your referrers.
Higher productivity

Better Financial Outcomes

  • Lower your overhead costs by reducing/freeing up transcription resources.
  • Flexible licensing model to reduce pressure of your capital expenditure budgets with little up-front capital investment.
  • Solid ROI seen in a significant increase in referrals and a measurable increase in reimbursement rates.
Fast and accurate

Easily Managed Technology

  • Manage your system easily with Dragon’s centralised administration.
  • Increase efficiency with low footprint easily deployed and supported speech recognition solution.
  • Reduce system complexity with faster integration.



Seamlessly and easily integrates with any EHR or PMS. You can boost productivity and physician satisfaction using voice control commands to navigate your EHR and PMS getting where they want to be at the speed of sound.


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