New features and enhancements added to Aura Dictate

  • Integration with Powerscribe 360 voice recognition
  • In-app verification workflows
  • Smart auto-next automatically promotes new urgent cases
  • Extended support for interruption workflows: Quick-Consult

Comrad is excited to announce the release of Aura v1.8, containing significant workflow enhancements for Radiologists in our web-based Aura Dictate application. We’ve integrated Powerscribe360 voice recognition and extended functionality to support report verification workflow and smart auto-next to prioritise new urgent cases in the Radiologist’s reporting stack in real-time.

The inclusion of these workflows is a significant step forward in our RIS modernisation, providing Radiologists with an intuitive, full-featured, modern reporting experience. As a web-based application, Dictate provides greater flexibility for Radiologist reporting workflows to be conducted offsite when required without the need for a VPN connection.

Comrad’s long, established partnership with Nuance PS360 has allowed us to prioritise integration enhancements with them, resulting in improvements that get the Radiologist started faster upon login and keep them working efficiently with voice recognition through their reporting session.

Smart auto-next functionality provides the Radiologist with options for real-time prioritisation of new urgent studies into the user’s reporting stack. Urgent studies can be presented automatically as the next in the reporting queue without the need for the Radiologist to return to worklist, saving time and improving reporting efficiency.

The addition of in-application verification workflow provides the Radiologist with a full-featured reporting experience, with interruption workflows fully supported. Fielding phone calls from referrers and interruptions from staff are all part of a normal reporting workflow for Radiologists. Dictate uses smarter search capabilities and provides improved tools to support mid-reporting interruptions, without losing context with the current, inflight report and images; helping the Radiologist better manage their reporting throughout the day.

Benefits of Aura Dictate

Improve Clinical Outcomes

  • When in Auto-next mode, new urgent studies to appear automatically as the next in the reporting queue ensuring the next most urgent case is always presented.
  • Support for mid-reporting interruptions helps the Radiologist better manage their reporting without losing context with the current, inflight report and images.

Work When & Where You Need

  • Dictate via a secure browser-based application over the Internet without the need for VPN.
  • Gives Radiologists flexibility to work when and where needed.
  • Work remotely without VPN as all data is secured by SSL encryption.
  • Like all Aura applications, Dictate has been independently penetration tested by our security partner, Deloitte.

Improved reporting efficiencies

  • Offers Radiologist greater flexibility with support for Quick filters and Reporting Groups.
  • Holistic view where patient history can be viewed alongside the current report.
  • Enhanced integration with Powerscribe 360, provides for faster loading times.
  • The Smart Search and filter functions makes finding patients easier in interruption workflow.

To learn more, please talk to your Comrad Client Account Manager, or email us by clicking here.