The COMRAD Radiology Information System (RIS) is a comprehensive workflow solution that is designed to bring your radiology business together. COMRAD continues to provide your business with the proven workflows and efficiencies to help you deliver the best clinical and business outcomes.

In our endless efforts to enhance the efficiency of COMRAD workflows, and based on great feedback from one of our key customers, we have identified an opportunity to help radiologists perform their tasks with improved efficiency.

It is not uncommon for patient Visits to appear on the radiologist’s worklist for reporting, when in fact, not all patient information that is required by the radiologist is available. Common reasons for this include referral document or worksheets have not been captured or that PACS images or specific views are not available. This is disruptive to the radiologists’ workflow and may result in them wasting valuable time following up with radiographers or PACS administrators for the missing information.

Comrad is delighted to introduce a terrific new feature into the COMRAD RIS to simplify and automate the process, we call it “Not Ready”. This new workflow feature will save valuable time and wasted effort for radiologists, increasing their reporting efficiency.

Key workflow features include:

  1. Flagging a visit as “Not Ready” to report is as simple as clicking the “Not Ready” button and selecting one of the pre-configured reasons.
  2. Multiple reasons for “Not Ready” visits can be easily configured and selected, and the workflow also caters for ad-hoc reasons to be entered.
  3. Once a visit has been flagged as “Not Ready” it is returned to the MRT Post-Processing worklist and removed from the Radiologist Dictation worklist.
  4. Users at the Site where the visit was performed are alerted of “Not Ready” visits that require attention.
  5. Once rectified, the visit is simply flagged as ready to report again from the MRT screen.
  6. Administrators have access to a ‘Not Ready’ spreadsheet report for quality assurance purposes. This provides information about the rejected Visits, Staff involved and reason/s for rejection.

This new feature is a simple and efficient way to increase the radiologists’ efficiency and improve outcomes for the practice.

For more information on the “Not Ready” button and how to benefit from this time-saving feature, talk to one of our friendly customer service team at:

New Zealand Freecall: 0800 659 643

Australia Freecall: 1800 659 643