Twenty-nine years ago, Comrad was established in Christchurch with an aim to enhance the radiology patient experience by enabling workflow efficiencies.

Ignited by its passion and interest in enhancing the patient journey, Comrad set out to think and do things differently. Technology continues to transform the industry, and Customers’ requirements are constantly evolving. Comrad is evolving too; and the journey continues.

“We’ve worked hard over the past few decades to transform Comrad, and our solutions, to be more relevant to our Customers’ needs for the next decade, and beyond,” said Elizabrth Delahunty, CEO, Comrad. “Today, Comrad is the leading dedicated Radiology Information Solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand.”

Recently, Comrad have invested in its next generation radiology information solution to deliver greater business value using the latest technologies that are proven at scale. The key strategy of Comrad’s next generation solution is an evolutionary implementation with incremental modernisation to ensure business continuity for its Customers and provide value to the end users sooner.

“With all these exciting milestones, we felt it was time for a new visual identity of our brand – one that links our past to our present and sets a clear direction for our journey well into the future,” continued Delahunty. “So today, we’re introducing a modern, new and fresh look.”


The Comrad new logo consists of the C symbol and the Comrad logotype. The Comrad C symbol represents evolution, innovation and dynamism, encompassing a circle representing pivotal flexibility. It tells the story of the Comrad brand, a company that has always been fueled by its passion to serve its Customers, understanding their requirements and building software to cater for their needs.

“Comrad has undergone an evolution, and yet we haven’t changed what we stand for: best scalable solutions and superior customer service. Our Purpose is to improve the radiology patient experience by enabling workflow efficiencies. So, while our look may be new, our passion for innovation remains the same, with the service excellence you have come to love,” concluded Delahunty.