Aura 1.8 – Dictate enhancements

In March, Comrad were delighted announce the release of Aura 1.8 containing enhancements for Radiologists in Aura Dictate. View the press release here.

The addition of integration with Powerscribe360 voice recognition, extended functionality to support report verification workflows and smart auto-next to prioritise new urgent cases in the Radiologist’s reporting stack in real-time have been well accepted by clients who have adopted this version.

AU Medicare Web-Services and PRODA project

In December 2020, Comrad emailed our Australian clients a Medicare Advisory notification relating to important changes mandated by Services Australia (Australian Department of Human Services / Medicare). Services Australia are permanently retiring their PKI Medicare Certificate authentication in favour of the PRODA (Provider Digital Access) platform. Comrad is currently working with Services Australia to implement the new version of online claiming required for use with PRODA authentication before March 2022. This is known as MWS (Medicare Web Services) and is a full replacement for the existing Medicare Client Adaptor technology currently in use.

Comrad has made excellent development progress and will commence Medicare’s certification process ahead of schedule in April. We will provide further details once Comrad has achieved certification. This will include a pre-upgrade PRODA requirements list and details regarding the RIS upgrade programme.

For any COMRAD-related questions, please contact our Support team on 1800 659 643,, or log into the Comrad online service portal.

Details on the PRODA registration process can be found on the Services Australia website.

Aura Forms

Aura Forms, our web-based patient forms application, allows patients to complete digital consent forms from a tablet device in the clinic waiting room. Throughout the pandemic, clients who have adopted Aura Forms have been able to reduce the amount of paper-handling in their departments and reduce the potential for spread of COVID-19 in clinics. Our development team is currently enhancing the Form Builder tool and extending workflows to support patients completing forms from home as part of a pre-registration process in Aura Care Connect. These important enhancements will be available for clients in June 2021. To find out more information on Aura Forms, click here.

GP e-Referrals

In 2020, Comrad integrated with Healthlink to provide GP e-Referrals integration directly into the COMRAD RIS from Best Practice GP Software for the first time in Australia. Leveraging our experience from many New Zealand implementations resulted in a successful release for clients who adopted the solution, allowing them to proactively contact referred patients leading to greater revenue assurance during the pandemic. Receiving GP e-Referrals will allow for automation of the Aura Care Connect patient engagement workflows in a release later this year.

The Comrad Product team are currently assessing other solutions to allow the receipt of e-Referrals from Medical Director and Genie PMS solutions via Secure Message Delivery providers.

Please register your interest here.