Comrad offers a wide range of services such
as training, application implementation,
workflow optimisation and support.



Our Approach to Training

Understanding the complexities and harnessing the capacity of your workflows, systems, solutions and integrations is a quality, long-term investment for radiology practices. Our team has the knowledge and experience within the local radiology sectors to deliver high-quality training packages tailored to the needs of your team. 

Employing a formal Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process, we obtain a full understanding of your training requirements before developing a professional training plan. Training can be structured to cover a range of topics (e.g. by role, module, function, etc), locations (e.g. onsite vs. remote, multiple states) and delivery channels (e.g. classroom, online instructor-led, video, or a combination). We also provide professional documentation, including user guides, quick reference tools and technical information.

Our Professional Training portfolio includes:

  • Staff induction training
  • Core COMRAD RIS training across many modules
  • Application training for all supported products (Speech Recognition, Imaging, Business Intelligence, Report Accelerator and others)
  • IT support training.
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