Reimagining healthcare.

We’re on a mission to transform the way people experience healthcare. We’re here to give all players in the healthcare ecosystem the technology to manage, share and use information.

We’re here to connect the dots.

We are change-makers in the healthcare industry.

Improved clinical collaboration. Better personalised care.
More efficient workflows with reduced operational costs. We want to save you time and give you the tools to improve lives and maybe even save them.

We’d like to help you make changes.

An integrated, technology-led approach is the only option for the future of intelligent healthcare. Comrad is here to help.

The future of healthcare is in the cloud.

Cloud technology presents an unprecedented opportunity
to make collaborative, patient-centric healthcare a reality and change the way your referrers and your patients feel about your practice. We call this the Aura effect.

Comrad by name, collaborative by nature.

We partner with you. We’re local, we’re accessible and we deliver on what we promise to you and to your patients.

Trust your system.

The Aura RIS is based on 35 years of experience with Comrad Origin in the Australia and New Zealand market. We have integrated our platform with key infrastructure in the Health ecosystem including Medicare Web Services, My Health Record, PACs providers, Voice Recognition providers, Secure Message Delivery systems and may other vendor systems.

We are focused on providing a secure platform that protects your customers data and we ensure every major release goes through rigorous penetration testing by Deloitte. You can be sure you are investing in trusted software to run your radiology or healthcare practice.