Aura Dictate

Radiologist reporting made easy.

Improve clinician reporting efficiency and patient outcomes through Aura Dictate smart workflows and workload management features.

Aura Dictate
Manage reporting workloads
With smart auto-next, configurable worklists, sub-specialty reporting and quick filters, radiologists can manage their worklists more effectively than ever. Sorting worklist by urgency and SLA ensures the highest priority cases are addressed from the worklist and configuration supports new urgent studies appearing as the next case.
Improve Clinical Outcomes
With support for ‘interruption’ workflows, imbedded digital dictation and best-of-breed integration with voice recognition, radiologists can effectively manage their time and provide high standards of reporting quality. The system supports multi-verifier, second opinion, verification correction flags and referrer report notification reminders.
Reporting on the go
No matter where your radiologists are, they can access the browser-based application securely over the internet without VPN to complete their work.
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