Supporting Applications

Drive your business with Comrad’s suite of supporting applications

The Comrad suite of supporting applications is designed to improve your patient centered care.  Whether your business needs the ability to communicate with patients via sms, or referrers via fax or build better triage systems there is a Comrad supporting application that will make the job easier.  Our reporting tools will give you greater insights into your business and allow you to optimize your costs and improve your patient experiences.  Like to know more about any of these applications please get in touch.


Receiving and sending faxes directly from your practice software, allowing practices to move away from costly copper infrastructure.

Speech Recognition

Aura integrates with PowerScribe 360 to allowing generation of quality reporting via voice recognition.

Referral Triage

Referral Triage is an innovative electronic solution to increase the efficiency of the referral triage process reducing manual workflows.

Business Intelligence

Comrad Business Intelligence is a comprehensive software tool that enables powerful insights into how your business is operating from referral patterns, operations, and financial data.

Virtual Reporting

Virtual Reporting Centre offers flexible workflow options that allow you to provide an efficient and cost-effective reporting service to external imaging centres regardless of their throughput, location or infrastructure.

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