Introducing the latest version of our new generation RIS portfolio

Aura v1.5 introduces new integration in LDAP authentication, in addition, this release adds numerous feature enhancements to Transcribe as well as minor improvements and fixes to Examine, Verify and Consult.

What’s New in Aura v1.5

Transcribe New Features

Many new features that are designed to improve the typist’s workflow


LDAP Integration

LDAP authentication integration to help you reduce password overload


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Aura Examine
Aura APIs

Why Aura?

Aura is Comrad’s new generation RIS.  An innovative, mobile ready RIS that is set to transform your Radiology organisation

and the way you interact with your patients and referrers, see below for more details.


Gain a competitive edge with Aura’s intuitive and responsive design using latest proven web technologies.

Mobile Ready

Aura’s fresh, user friendly and  cross platform web-based solution will enable you to work the way you want using smart mobile devices.

Purpose Built

Grow your business with a purpose-built solution for the ANZ market that is scalable according to your business needs.

Fast & Secure Access

Save time and manage your business the way you want with easy and fast access to Aura, allowing you to deliver faster patient outcomes.

Aura Examine

Access your MRT workflow on the go

With Examine, you can improve your MRT team’s efficiency and enhance patient care by providing the MRT with mobile, tablet or desktop access to their RIS workflow.


  • To experience the new Aura Examine, please talk to your Comrad Solution Sales Manager, or feel free to request a demo by clicking the “Request A Demo” button.

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Benefits of Aura Examine

Secure MRT workflow

  • MRTs are no longer tied to using the RIS application from just a shared desktop workstation.
  • Secure and easy access to key RIS information and workflow when greeting & interviewing patients or in the exam room.

Improved MRT workflow practices

  • The MRT can code the exam on the go reducing patient wait time for invoicing after the exam.
  • Easily find/add/edit exam codes using simplified real time search.
  • Acknowledge AMR alerts before starting exam.

Enhanced efficiency & patient care

  • Patient-centric design to enhance patient care.
  • MRT Holistic view of appointments for better workload planning.
  • Dashboards with patient exam status.

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Aura Verify 

Verify on the go, anywhere, anytime

With Verify you can view, edit and authorise diagnostic imaging reports on the go, anywhere, anytime.

  • To experience the Verify difference, please talk to your Comrad Solution Sales Manager, or feel free to click on the button below.

Why Aura Verify?

Verify, on the go

  • View, edit or verify from virtually anywhere using the convenience of a mobile device.
  • Browser based application works across multiple platforms.

Faster and More Efficient

  • Enables you to deliver diagnostic imaging reports faster.
  • Empowers your team to verify when and where it suits.
  • Helps you to save time and distribute reports faster.

Verify With Ease

  • Intuitive and responsive design.
  • User friendly, fresh and web-based interface.
  • Enables users to authorise reports with ease, improving efficiency and report turnaround.

Enhance your efficiency with Aura Verify

Enhance your team efficiency and achieve superior patient care with Aura Verify!

Aura Verify, Verify on the go

Aura Consult

Give your referrers easy and secure access to radiology patient information at any time, from anywhere

With Consult, your practice can deliver faster diagnoses and enhanced patient care by providing your referrers with easy access to radiology patient information at any time and from anywhere.


  • To experience the new Aura Consult, please talk to your Comrad Solution Sales Manager, or feel free to request a demo by clicking below

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Benefits of Aura Consult

Patient-Centric Solution

  • Superior, unstructured patient search functionality using Comrad’s SmartSearch Engine.
  • Enhanced patient outcomes by providing earlier access to radiology results.
  • Patient exam and result status monitoring.

Focused Work-Lists

  • Intuitive and responsive browser based user interface.
  • Enable your referrers to securely view patient information when and where they need it.
  • Audited “Break Glass” access if required.

Secure Access, on the go

  • Intelligent patient list shows referrals, appointments and results.
  • Results available as they are completed including access to preliminary reports and dictation files.
  • Provides referrer visibility of patient examination status.

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Aura Transcribe 

Type reports when and where it suits

With Transcribe, Typists can work when and where it suits them via a desktop web browser over the internet without the need for VPN.

  • To learn more and to schedule a demo, please talk to your Comrad Solution Sales Manager, or feel free to email us by clicking the button below.

Benefits of Aura Transcribe

Easy to use tools

Easy to use tools

  • Full featured editor allowing editing of report text.
  • Easy integration with Philips foot pedal.
  • Switch easily between 4 work-lists: Ready to Type, Draft, On-hold and History reports.
Easy to use tools

Secure Access over the web

  • Offers a clean, uncluttered and consistent use throughout the application.
  • Enables typists to transcribe reports faster, leading to faster report delivery.
  • Enables typist to alert radiologist about report dictation issues.
Easy to use tools

Enhanced typist efficiency

  • Works remotely via a desktop web browser over the Internet without a VPN.
  • Typists can work when and where it suits them.
  • All data is secured by SSL encryption.
Easy to use tools

Automatic Device Integration

  • Allows Aura to connect seamlessly with desktop hardware devices.
  • Supports foot pedal integration.
  • Reduces IT & infrastructure costs.

What’s New in Transcribe

Aura Transcribe
  • Transcribe updated with ability to integrate to desktop scanners.

  • Updated user interface in line with recently released applications.

  • Transcribe users now have access to enhanced document viewer features as in Examine.

  • Transcribe users can now view patient history through the History Carousel.

Aura APIs Release 1.0

Aura APIs provides our customers with the opportunity to build their own clinical results applications, such as referrer or patient portals to gain competitive edge.

Aura APIs

Why use Aura APIs

  • Provide you with a foundation to extend the capability of your RIS.

  • Give you the opportunity to develop new applications that deliver a competitive advantage.

  • Allow you to connect and integrate with new business partners.

  • Have been designed to support building mobile applications.