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Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance2018-08-16T11:49:43+10:00

Download and install TeamViewer for remote assistance

Comrad is committed to providing prompt, high-quality service and support for our clients. Occasionally during a support call, a Comrad representative may request to provide remote assistance through TeamViewer, a secure app which enables our team to assist you in real-time.

Your Comrad representative will take you through the steps of connecting to the Comrad TeamViewer app.


1.     Click the Download button to begin the download and installation process. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to run or save the Comrad TeamViewer app.

2.     Click “Run” on the prompt window.  A Comrad-branded TeamViewer “Allow Remote Control” window will pop up.

3.     Provide the ID and password to the Comrad representative. The app will automatically connect you to Comrad’s TeamViewer session.

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