Aura Forms

Web based forms for paperless efficiency.

Aura Forms not only eliminates tedious paper-based processes in your practice but also increases patient engagement through sharing the collection of information.

Aura Forms
Design forms to suit your needs
Aura Forms is a full spec web-forms application that allows you to create, modify and publish customised forms to suit your workflows and showcase your practice branding. Test your forms meet your desired user experience via the interactive desktop, mobile and tablet preview modes.
Fully flexible solution
Integrated into your RIS, forms will pre-fill existing information, trigger workflows and alerts based on patient responses. Viewing and editing of inputs can be managed by practice staff or patients via the form’s application or Aura Care Connect, with version control to track changes.
Secure input and improved accuracy
Deploy forms on an in-house device or via patient facing apps such as Aura Care Connect to allow patients to complete on their own device in their own time, reducing manual input errors and improving the quality of patient data. Transfer the effort of collecting data from your practice staff to your patients.
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