Comrad announces release of Aura 1.10

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June 21, 2021

Featuring launch of Aura Care Connect pre-arrival workflows and new features in Aura Forms

Aura Care Connect, our web-based patient engagement platform was successfully launched in April 2021. Comrad is thrilled to announce its highly-anticipated second release as part of the latest update to Aura 1.10 which also includes the addition of new features in Aura Forms.

Aura Care Connect

Building on Aura Care Connect’s patient online appointment scheduling functionality, this new release provides a co-branded application for patient pre-registration workflows to be completed in the app and seamlessly integrated back into the RIS workflow.

From the convenience of their own device, patients can securely access pre-arrival workflows in the Aura Care Connect application to:

  • View their appointment details and download a summary to their calendar or save a copy to their device.
  • Complete, sign and submit web-based consent forms before they arrive in the practice
  • Capture an image of their referral document or other relevant clinical documents, and securely upload them to the RIS
  • View procedure instructions and preparation details for their appointment
  • View information links related to their scan

Several enhancements have also been added to the RIS to ensure practice staff can proactively manage patient engagement workflows and easily determine where follow-up with patients is required.

Aura Care Connect pre-arrive workflow provides:

  • An improved patient experience – the patient is better informed and prepared for their examination
  • Increased practice efficiency, reduced data entry for staff and improved registration efficiency
  • A streamlined arrival process for patients
  • A reduction in DNA rates due to increased patient engagement before their appointment
  • Improved quality of patient information made available prior to the patient’s attendance

Aura Forms

Aura 1.10 also provides numerous enhancements to Aura Forms, our web-based patient forms application. Based on user feedback, we have focused on improving the user experience in the form builder and have added an additional workflow to support patients completing forms in the Aura Care Connect pre-arrival workflow.

Users who build forms can now select the new “appointment created” initiator when creating rules for presenting forms, extending the use cases for web-based forms. Forms can now be presented when an appointment has been created, when a visit has been started or when an exam has commenced.

Other new features include:

  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile preview options
  • A library of form templates is available to assist new users to onboard and commence building forms faster
  • Enhancements to menu lists and configuration screens have streamlined the process of building forms
  • Smarter form rules and rule cloning have broadened the use cases forms can be used for
  • Moving and cloning basic components within a form, and cloning an entire form provides for faster form build times
  • Improvement to the date selector component to support triggers.
  • Improved support for managing changes to composite components
  • Form publishing, archiving and deleting to better support form version control
  • Enhancements to the Import/Export process making the process easier to updates forms into Production
  • Patients can now complete forms from home or remotely in addition to in-practice
  • Staff can pre-fill responses for the patient when creating appointments over the phone through a secure login.

Please request a brochure or contact us to find out how Aura 1.10 can transform your medical imaging practice.

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