Our Brand

We are Comrad.

We have been an integral part of the healthcare landscape in Australia and New Zealand for the last 35 years, best known for our next-generation information technology.

We have always set out to innovate and do things differently and we have identified how we can make a difference in the wider healthcare industry. Our mission is to make collaborative, patient-centric healthcare a reality and change the way information is managed, shared and used. We’re here to connect the dots.

We have created a new brand identity to reflect our new direction.

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Our logo.

Our logo symbolises strength in unity, inclusivity, infinite innovation and constant information flow. The ‘Co.’ prefix also represents partnerships with our clients, our collaborators and with each other.

Our colours.

Our new colour palette is contemporary, vibrant and accessible, mirroring our culture of innovation and our diversity.

Our typography.

Our typography speaks for us so our fonts are reliable and friendly. We have selected DM Sans as our house font. Open source and readily availably, this family of fonts will provide clarity and consistency across all our branded communication material.

Our values.

We are a values-led organisation and people are that the heart and soul of our business. We are dedicated to diversity, equality and inclusion and our values inform everything we do.

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