Aura Care Connect – Patient Engagement Platform

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April 11, 2021

Comrad are in the midst of preparing for our first release of Aura's Patient Engagement Platform, Aura Care Connect.

Aura Care Connect is an integrated, web-based patient engagement platform that provides the foundation for Medical Imaging Practices deliver stronger referrer engagement, improved practice efficiencies and increased patient satisfaction.

Online Appointments (OLA) workflow is the first component of Aura Care Connect and will be available to clients in April 2021 as part of the Aura RIS portfolio. The workflow supports patients and caregivers scheduling appointments and requests for callback directly into the RIS. This allows the patient to choose appointment parameters such that it meets their personal availability and location. The system captures important patient information including details about the patient’s requested examination and provides mechanisms to securely upload an image of the referral.

Subsequent, iterative releases will provide for:

  1. Pre-registration workflows – A secure, client branded application allowing patients to complete certain registration tasks before they arrive in the clinic, including the completion of consent forms, updates to demographics, links to find more information about the requested procedure, display a booking summary that includes patient instructions and download a copy of the booking summary to the device’s calendar. The release of this workflow will provide significant practice efficiencies for our clients through reduced registration time and by enhancing available information about the patient and procedure to optimise bookings. Pre-registration workflow is currently in development and expected to be ready for release in May 2021.
  2. Integration to GP e-Referrals workflows to further automate the patient online booking workflow, and enhancements to the patient booking experience.
  3. Patient self-arrival workflows.
  4. Post examination workflows including patient surveys and secure access to view invoices, reports and images.

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