Aura Care Connect drives Perth Radiological Clinic’s online appointment adoption

Patients have long wondered why they have been unable to book their radiology appointments online, they have used functionality across all aspects of their lives and have found that online appointments offer the benefits of convenient booking times, no on hold time and increased satisfaction.

The complexity of radiology including modalities, machine types, referral and triage requirements, the pre-requisites for each type of service, not to mention the need for information on preparation dependent on the procedure taking place, all combine to complicate the booking process.

We discuss the benefits and the process that PRC went through to adopt Aura Care Connect, we look at the results & benefits and discuss the future of online booking and patient portals with Jeremy Edwards PRC’s Chief Information Officer.

Download the PRC Case Study to find out how your practice could benefit from the introduction of online appointments via Aura Care Connect.